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1750 30th St. Boulder, CO 80302

Tel: 303-579-1676

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   My addiction to TRX began in January 2013. I love TRX and the total body fitness benefits it provides. TRX suspension training is a workout system the leverages gravity and your body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. Your in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise because you can simply adjust your body position to add or decrease resistance. Every movement performed is a whole body movement...that's why TRX challenges the entire body in every plane of motion. I’m excited to share my passion for fitness with others in a fun, fulfilling, successful environment. I look forward to helping you achieve your personal fitness and nutritional goals.

Fun for all levels of fitness! Classes are easlily modifiable with TRX!!!

Come check out it out!


Monday 9:15 am TRX functional


Tuesday 7:00 am TRX FIT

Tuesday 8:15 TRX Fusion



Thursday 7:00 am TRX FIT

Thursday 8:15 TRX Fusion


Friday 9:15 am TRX functional


Saturday 8:30 am TRX MIX UP




Fusion TRX Fitness

and Personal Training


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